I have many years of experience as a consultant and developer. I know how to write very good software and a significant part of my time is dedidacted to educate other developers, to teach them. This goes along with actual work on projects.

In the recent years I had jobs for a consulting company to help enterprises. It helped a lot to understand the problems and internal procedures that prevent those companies quite often from writing great software.

I’m now in a position where I can work for the benefit of my customers in both ways – I know them very well and I know my business on the highest possible level. I am absoletely up-to-date with all current technolgies in my working area. It’s a great opportunity to be part of a big project or work as the lead architect and main dev for one. To get such a project, and make a dent in the universe by writing something that matters, I’m going to join Toptal. One can read more about Toptal at https://www.toptal.com/web.

I’m a freelancer for twenty years and I think this is the best way that works great for me and my customer. It’s much better than joining some enterprise and eventually get stuck.

I know software from both sides, the architectural part that includes security and performance decisions, as well as the development part, where time and readiblity matters but with testiblity in mind. I’m a hardcore developer and I write fast, clean, robust code but I keep the big picture in the eye. I know all tools required for remote work but I’m willing and able to travel wherever it’s necessary. I couple of years ago I had a project with collegues from India. It didn’t run well, because of a lack of understanding each others needs and knowledge. It’s just a six hours fly from Berlin to Delhi so I showed up there (for there surprise) to keep the project on the rails – with success. It’s not the point being on-site. It’s the point being on-site when in matters.

With perfect working conditions right here, 200 Mbit Internet with backup channel, multiple hosts and screens, I’m sure I can get projects done quickly and in very high quality.

Why I’m joining Toptal