Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Let me do and I understand.


I offer individual trainings based on the example agendas here in German and English language. I prefer courses through Teams (or Zoom/WebEx or whatever you like) as Webinar.

  • Fundamentals of the JavaScript Ecosystem (JavaScript, NodeJS, Gulp, WebPack, …)
  • Understanding TypeScript (Language, Concepts)
  • The .NET Ecosystem (C#, .NET 6+, ASP.NET/Blazor, EF Core)
  • Azure – Introduction, Concepts, Decision Help (Service, Strategies)
  • Azure – Cloud Native Development (Azure Architecture)
  • Azure – The services (App Service, Functions, CosmosDB, SQL Server, Storage, Event Grid/Hub/Service Bus)

These are just examples. I tailor the seminars for you and add/extend topics as per your needs. All seminars are dedicated for developers of all levels. You can order both, introductions for beginners as well as deep dives for experiences developers who want to become experts.

Azure Course Suggestions

You can book „as is“ or request an individual training based on your needs. Currently, the course offers are in German. Course material and course language is available in English, too.